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  1. Logan

    The Saga of The Day Before

    Reminds me of that game about being stuck somewhere after a mega earthquake that floated around for years and eventually was barfed out for like 20 dollary doos. Maybe this the same
  2. Logan

    u pregnant with our girl :3

    u pregnant with our girl :3
  3. Logan

    News 1 vs 100 Tournament Winner

    Domt u tell me what to do manuel
  4. Logan

    Ideal Job

    both my options sound amazing nicely done 19 year old me
  5. Logan

    Logan is my poison!

  6. Logan


    i'm guessin this was brawl
  7. Logan

    Charlton Heston Is Dead

    rip chuck
  8. Logan

    Mets get Rick Roll'd

    glad to see the mets were still suckin back then :mikesmith:
  9. Logan

    Unreal Tournament

    after playin ut99 and bein the only one friend dumb enough to get beaten by his cheatin a billion times over this map became this
  10. Logan

    News 1 vs 100 Tournament Winner

    Why don't I remember us having some sort of tourney?
  11. Logan

    6 A.M. Ramblings

    i laff at the fact that dumbass posts by me say ADMIN on them in red like it's some serious business, good stuff
  12. Logan

    Weird sleep shit

    i still say when i arrive at the pearly gates and st peter asked me why i kept my faith all these years, i'll just tell him in 2013 you kept me from pissing travis's wife-to-be's bed even though i was the drunkest ive ever been and from that point on i knew God was real amen
  13. Logan

    Most Disappointing Final Bosses/Finales ever?

    breath of the wild 4 sure
  14. Logan

    Game: Bayonetta

    what ya doin there lordDVS
  15. Logan

    Mega Man 9

  16. Logan


    Bobert has had a handful so I feel like im a time bomb
  17. Logan

    The Last Thread of 2009

    Depressing sab story
  18. Logan

    Oh. Hell. Yes.

  19. Logan

    Gang Beasts

    bro if this is in reference to that convo we had months back that was the first pic i sent u and u said, and i quote, "NAH THAT DONKEY KONG NOT A MONKEH"
  20. Logan

    Game: Final Fantasy XII

    god bless u gambits got to just lay in bed and play with my dog and my minions did all of my biddings. rip chiefy u were a fine lad