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  1. SuperAfroBoy


    I've passed one more since. Getting old is great
  2. SuperAfroBoy

    SuperAfroBoy's Official "Tales of Tarin" Topic

    Went back to it in different forms a few times over the years, but only ever for a month or so before I lose interest and move on.
  3. SuperAfroBoy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Hey what’s everyone’s PSN? I finally picked up a PS4 Pro and PSVR for Christmas last year and have no friends. Mine is superafroboy
  4. SuperAfroBoy

    ITT we discuss Cracker Barrel

    I've still never had it.
  5. SuperAfroBoy

    Step into my time machine!

    Man... the future turned out pretty boring, eh?
  6. SuperAfroBoy

    Some of the Old Members

    Vertical Bacon Sandwich anyone?
  7. SuperAfroBoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Still no issues with mine, I've been mostly playing Xeno 2 and catching up with BotW's DLC stuff.
  8. SuperAfroBoy

    Nintendo Switch

    I've had zero physical issues with mine, but I also almost exclusively play it docked. Maybe like 5% undocked.
  9. SuperAfroBoy

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

  10. SuperAfroBoy

    E3 2017

    Apparently Retro is not working on Prime 4, so it will be interesting to see if a different studio will be able to match what Retro accomplished. Also, one has to wonder what exactly Retro studios has been up to the last few years. Also.... MARIO ODYSSEY LOOKS SO GOOD
  11. SuperAfroBoy

    E3 2017

    Biggest things from EA's conference for me are that prison escape game and all future battlefront dlc is free.
  12. SuperAfroBoy

    E3 2017

    Judging from Nintendo's last few E3s, 30 minutes is fine to show off some new games. With the Treehouse streams running for hours and hours, they onyly need to use their "spotlight" to show off trailers for new games, with all the extra details and gameplay being laid out during Treehouse. I'll...
  13. SuperAfroBoy

    Breath of the Wild Discussion Thread

    I really hope the next Zelda takes place in this same Hyrule but has traditional dungeons and standard story.
  14. SuperAfroBoy

    Breath of the Wild Discussion Thread

    Gaaaaahhhh, can't wait. Hopefully mine will be delivered this weekend.
  15. SuperAfroBoy

    Breath of the Wild Discussion Thread

    Have to wonder if part of the high scores is just because its a new Zelda though. If this was the same exact game, but it wasn't a Zelda game would it have these scores? Hard to say... either way I can't wait to play it. Sooo hard to not watch any of the reviews and streams that are everywhere...
  16. SuperAfroBoy

    Breath of the Wild Discussion Thread

    I'm super excited for this. The review scores it's getting is crazy. I hope Nintendo goes all out with DLC too, Skyrim style.
  17. SuperAfroBoy

    Nintendo Switch

    My shipping from Amazon CA still shows March 7-8 as delivery date. :(
  18. SuperAfroBoy

    Coming Soon

    How many hits does the site actually get these days?
  19. SuperAfroBoy

    Nintendo Switch

    yeah, skyward sword leaked early, i remember that for sure
  20. SuperAfroBoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like the video of the leaked copy is fake. The video shows the gamepad showing a map, but apparently there have been comments from Aonuma saying that all gamepad functionality has been removed from the game.