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  1. Dave

    The Lazy Reviewer Thread

    RE 4 remake
  2. Dave

    ME Andromeda

    Logan hits on a good point. The 2007-2013ish stretch was the pinnacle of adulthood. I love where I am in life now obviously, but back then it was just getting through college to get my degree, hanging out, and video games. Playing nostalgic video games just hit differently now
  3. Dave

    ME Andromeda

    oh boy, here I go playing Legendary edition again like running into an old friend every time
  4. Dave

    ME Andromeda

    Nah ME 3 should have just been the Gamer Poop edition
  5. Dave

    ME Andromeda

  6. Dave

    The Saga of The Day Before

    Announced two years ago, which looked too good to be true at the time. Only have a few random trailers. Zero gameplay. It's always seemed way too ambitious to be real. Hell, most anything you see from it is just stolen pictures/clips from The Division. And LOL at the newest delay. Trademark...
  7. Dave

    Ideal Job

    Well folks Mama's wrong again
  8. Dave

    Charlton Heston Is Dead

    Hot Rod Walk Hard Robin Hood Men In Tights Blazing Saddles Just to name a few Get fucked, DAVE
  9. Dave

    Oh. Hell. Yes.

  10. Dave

    Gears of War 3

    All I remember about GoW is me and Jay beating all 3 on insane and it not giving me a single achievement
  11. Dave

    God of War Ragnarök

    The trips to Asgard, boss/berserker battles in Ragnarok were my favorite moments from either game, but the writing and pacing in 2018 is definitely stronger. Ragnarok was really dragging at the end, as cool as the final chapter was.
  12. Dave

    I has a kitteh

    Pets rule
  13. Dave

    God of War Ragnarök

    GoW is great You know what isn't? Callisto Protocol DOO DOO status
  14. Dave

    God of War Ragnarök

    I was still fighting the king when I talked shit about those fights, little did I know the bullshit that awaits with Gna
  15. Dave

    God of War Ragnarök

    I'd give the slight edge to GoW, but yeah these games are pretty fun. It's holding serve until Callisto Project edit: but FUCK these berserker fights
  16. Dave

    I has a kitteh

  17. Dave

    I has a kitteh

    Chiefy loves cats. They are fun to catch
  18. Dave


    I miss the Naz :( Nothing compares
  19. Dave

    Games I have played lately

    Thanks for sticking around, Patrick You alright for a white boy
  20. Dave

    Better Call Saul