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  1. Lulu


    Luigi hmmmm
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    FFXIV Thread

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  4. Lulu

    FFXIV Thread

    the ugly lesbian confirmed
  5. Lulu

    FFXIV Thread

    everyone disagrees
  6. Lulu

    Red Dead Redemption

    logan is a dumbo, confirmed
  7. Lulu

    holy shit

  8. Lulu

    holy shit

    We going there tomorrow?
  9. Lulu

    Warm in the winter.... Murder me.

    Warm in the winter.... Murder me.
  10. Lulu

    7/29/13: Podcast #15: 2013 Edition!

    Demand a new podcast!!!
  11. Lulu

    My Jimmies are a little rustled that it will be 70 degrees on Christmas

    It's still like 65 in January Soooooo lame
  12. Lulu


    :) so happy you joined up guys!! Hope to play with you all soon!
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    Forgotten Toys of the 90s

  15. Lulu

    Amiibo Talk

    yeah, here tarvis. It's helped me a few times.
  16. Lulu

    Amiibo Talk

    i don't use mine, they are all ONLY for display...
  17. Lulu

    Amiibo Talk

    that is sad :( i sorry tarvis *pat*
  18. Lulu

    Amiibo Talk

    I just got toad today. Very happy with my happy little toad man. I hear a rumor that plat club nintendo club get one for free.
  19. Lulu

    Amiibo Talk