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  1. Logan

    Michael Jackson Dead at 50

    me too
  2. Logan

    The Hell's Kitchen 2009 Thread

    good itmes
  3. Logan

    Most Annoying Video Game Characters

    i saw the thread title and INSTANTLY knew my brotha Travis was gonna cite these two.
  4. Logan


  5. Logan

    Same-Sex Marriage

  6. Logan

    My Birth day is tomorrow

    ol white tigger got hit with the big three oh not long ago yeeee-owch
  7. Logan

    Movie Series: Terminator

    Terminator 2 is the best movie ever made change my mind nerds
  8. Logan

    Gears of War 3 Countdown Insert

    Gears 3 are some fine memories for me. Ironically, my most vivid memories of the Gears franchise are definitely that brief period that me, Travis, Andrew, and Lauren played GoW: Judgment. Good times.
  9. Logan

    Mega Man

    that was a dramatic post i think MM9 is my fave and it was made like 12 years after 7 get it together logster
  10. Logan

    Mario Tennis Open

    first night I took the wife out on a date we went to the local retro game store and I bought Mario Tennis becuase they had it for the 64 and i took her home and demolished her ( in the game) now we have a kid god bless
  11. Logan

    Battlefield 3 Thread!

    this made me giggle. remember when andrew hated this kid just because he stole an assassination from him in a halo reach match? thats holding a grudge, fuckin legend
  12. Logan

    Someone Buy This For Me

    what was the BO
  13. Logan

    The Quest To One Million

    Minus andrew pulling a Mac with the racism tho
  14. Logan

    The Quest To One Million

    Travis doesn't give himself enough credit, he was really good at editing videos. I think we missed the twitch fad by a few years, we could have been popular with the brain-rotted youtube generation
  15. Logan

    this forum title reminded me

    of BLT's. That's my favorite meal for sure. Little bacon, little mater, little lettuce. Some salt and pepper, a very very conservative spread of Duke's mayo on a lightly toasted bread? Forget about it, what a treat.
  16. Logan

    The mind is weak

    that dude was the president lol lmao even
  17. Logan

    The Saga of The Day Before

  18. Logan

    Video Game Movies Scrappy Wants to See

    Lmao I remember some of this
  19. Logan

    Alan Wake 2 under developement

    Apparently they tied this game in with that Control game of theirs. Neva played