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  1. TRICKY1976

    FREE darksiders 2 weapons

    Get 3 FREE weapons for Darksiders 2 Link to claim your reward: Darksiders II | Promotions (Is for all platforms and countries) Rusonovs Axe Mace Maximus Van Der Schmash
  2. TRICKY1976

    FREE Minecraft avatar masks

    Today a new Texting promotion has been spotted. NOT SURE HOW LONG THIS WILL LAST!! Text MCD to 737737 it will reply with. DP: R u at least 13 yrs old AND live in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho? Text YEP or NOPE Reply YEP and then it will send you a code for the Minecraft Pig Head Type...
  3. TRICKY1976

    FREE XBOX Avatar Items/ Ingame Items/ Premium Themes/Add-ons

    New ad for skittles has a decent little flash pinball game as well as downloads for a theme and avatar prop Skittles Candy Pack -
  4. TRICKY1976

    FREE Hybrid - Paladin Stalker Drone prop

    I do not know how long this offer will be free but right now you can get the Hybrid - Paladin Stalker Drone prop for free using this link Hybrid - Paladin Stalker Drone - EDIT: I think they updated the price to 240MSPs!!
  5. TRICKY1976

    FREE XBOX Avatar Items/ Ingame Items/ Premium Themes/Add-ons

    Bing T-Shirt Free to anyone, simply use this universal code. Male: PHT9P-KXR4Y-BB6BY-VFMPD-THT4T Female: VFH6P-9FJKK-KKP9G-H4DRH-WTCFM Slim Jim T.shirt (US dashboard Ad) There's an ad on the US Non-Beta Dashboard for a free "Slim Jim" avatar shirt. Find and click on the "Slim Jim Steakhouse"...
  6. TRICKY1976

    Gamercard Generator Image Request Thread

    Id love a gamercard for mickey mouse castle of illusion and donald duck luck dime caper both of these are old time favourites of mine
  7. TRICKY1976

    FREE Abraham Lincoln Hat & Beard (US)

    A dashboard add which gives you Abraham Lincoln Hat & beard The Ad is for a show/film called vampire hunter
  8. TRICKY1976

    Windows Nokia Phone Insider XBOX Avatar Gear (FREE)

    Is that sarcasm? :lipsrseal
  9. TRICKY1976

    Windows Nokia Phone Insider XBOX Avatar Gear (FREE)

    We at XAG have spotted yet ANOTHER FREEBIE offer, this time from Microsoft's Windows Phone. All you have to do to score these Windows Themed XBOX Avatar Gear is sign up for their Windows Insider Newsletter. We have recieved the Nokia Windows Phone Longboard for signing up but not sure if it is a...
  10. TRICKY1976

    Nike "My Time Is Now" - Avatar Items (Free)

    Nike "My Time Is Now" Avatar T-Shirt Nike "My Time Is Now" Male Avatar T-Shirt Nike "My Time Is Now" Female Avatar T-Shirt Nike "Mi Momento es Ahora" camisa de Avatar masculino Nike "Mi Momento es Ahora" camisa de Avatar masculino Nike "My Time Is Now" CR7 Wristband The...
  11. TRICKY1976

    FREE Windows 8 table Avatar Prop (German only)

    For those who are from or have a German account: Internet Explorer 9 Tablet - I also heard that on the german dashboard there is an ad for Internet Explorer and if you click on it, it downloads the avatar prop. UNfortunately so far, it has been confirmed it does not work on...
  12. TRICKY1976

    Free StarBucks Avatar T-shirt (CANADA ONLY)

    On the Xbox live dashboard theres promo add for StarBucks coffee. You can download a free Avatar shirt. Free is good! It will work on a US account if you have two controllers. First log into a Canadian account using one controller. Find the Frappaccino ad on the dashboard and go to it...
  13. TRICKY1976

    FREE Wolfenstien Classic B.J. Blazkowicz Mask (Facebook)

    Celebrating 20 years of Wolfenstien 3D Get a FREE code for an Xbox 360 avatar of B.J. Blazkowicz*! (*While supplies last!) Simply enter your e-mail address. Get a code! Then click on the app at...
  14. TRICKY1976

    FREE Minecraft Wood Premium Theme

    I also got an email from Raptr saying id won an award a free copy of minecraft but when i claimed as soon as i got the email it wouldnt let me claim the Raptr team are looking into it for me
  15. TRICKY1976

    FREE Darksiders II Joe Mad Avatar Shirt

    Here is where you can get a FREE Darksiders II Avatar Shirt just for liking their facebook page. and get this shirt (you can choose one of each male and female) Link for female under after you get the male.
  16. TRICKY1976

    FREE Minecraft Wood Premium Theme

    Unlock this by pressing START then the Y button to share a screenshot over Facebook. Not an amazing looking theme but its free compared to the normal 240MSPs for premium ones
  17. TRICKY1976

    Facebook Free Royal Purple Car for Ridge Racer Unbounded

    promotion on Facebook where you can get Free Royal Purple Car for Ridge Racer Unbounded for both PS3(US) and Xbox 360. Simply 1. go to 2. Like IT 3. Click Claim Coupon 4. Select US 5. Enter your name, 6. add email, and other gap (must be 18) 7...
  18. TRICKY1976

    FREE Pepsi Max Avatar T.shirt

    Theres an app on the xbox dashboard click it then go to play game and you play a race game by pressing the corresponding buttons as they appear on screen theres 3 levels complete all 3 and win either a male/female pepsi max avatar T.shirt. (can only choose one or the other not both) Trust me its...
  19. TRICKY1976

    FREE Gunstringer Wavy Tube Man Chronicles DLC

    An add on like the the DLC: Real Big Shootin' & DLC: El Diablo's Merican Adventure
  20. TRICKY1976

    Games of 2012 you're looking forward to the most

    So far im looking forward to: