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  1. Dave

    Digital Marketing in Chennai

    I agree, I think the spirit temple in OoT is the best temple.
  2. Dave


    We peaked as a civilization in 2006-2007
  3. Dave

    Two HTML Programs..

    Thanks pal, but we all had Myspace to practice our HTML skills
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    His visit to the Amish country is still an all timer
  5. Dave

    old man thread

  6. Dave

    Lisa Filipek and Erica Barmash are Racist, 193 Clinton Avenue

    THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!! You're a true patriot, Han. God Bless
  7. Dave

    The Saga of The Day Before

    No way in hell the game heavily using unreal marketplace assets cost more than a million to develop. Some random kid in his basement could've put this game together in a few days. This has to be the worst marketing job in gaming history. At the end if the day, they're just taking the money and...
  8. Dave

    The Saga of The Day Before

    So, they advertise it as some next-gen MMO survival horror and it ends up just being an ugly and buggy sandbox game with zombies. But, hey, I guess I was wrong. The game did exist. Looks like that would have been the best thing for everyone.
  9. Dave

    GTA VI

    100+ million views in less than 24 hours. Holy Mary Magdalene. I need this game like I need oxygen.
  10. Dave

    GTA VI

    Especially after Zelda, I'm about done with these massive open world games, BUT I'll make an exception for a Rockstar open world game. They're probably taking a lot of the better concepts from RDR2 and implementing them into VI (i.e. a certain area of the map will be thick forest with wildlife...
  11. Dave


    The RPG elements of ME1. The emphasis of more personal stories and bonding with your crew of ME2. The shooting combat of ME3 and Andromeda. Set up armor and customization like God of War. Each piece of armor has mod slots. Most slots are just basic stat boosts but the special mods actually give...
  12. Dave

    The Callisto Protocol

    I had been looking forward to it for a long time, but it really missed the mark. Boring and repetitive. Not even remotely close to Dead Space outside of being a survivor horror in space. Dead Space remake is very good, for what it's worth. Congrats on getting it for free though.
  13. Dave


    Oh, they got me hooked with the classic N7 logo and look. Damn you, Bioware!
  14. Dave

    Alan Wake 2 under developement

    Alan Wake 2 wild as hell, but it's been a fun ride
  15. Dave

    The Saga of The Day Before

    lmao did they have ChatGPT just blatantly copy material from other games and tv shows? I lost count of everything they ripped from. And the recommended specs look like something from 2018. How is that "next gen?" This is the shittiest, most blatant scam I've ever seen for a video game.
  16. Dave

    Movie Series: Terminator

    James Cameron is revealing why the marketing for Terminator 2: Judgment Day made it very clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 was a hero in the sequel rather than the villain he portrayed in the film's predecessor. Weird thing to spoil, but okay. It's even weirder because they set it up in...
  17. Dave

    Movie Series: Terminator

    Nope, never saw it. I never would forget that Arnold grin Shout out to the time I saw Arnold and JJ Watt in Columbus, OH and Arnold flexed at me 10/10 can die happy
  18. Dave

    Breaking Bad Season 5 thread (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS)

    Saul is one of the best written shows ever. Breaking Bad is on the tv Mt Rushmore for me, but Saul is better in just about every way. I might have tweaked how we got to the ending a bit, but I loved how it all wrapped up.
  19. Dave

    Movie Series: Terminator

    Wow I don't remember Terminator Genisys AT ALL. If I even watched it, it's been scrubbed from my brain
  20. Dave

    News The Rock as Marcus Fenix in Gears of War movie?

    lmao yep. One of my core memories. I don't think he actually saw the movie with us because they had cops stationed outside the screening, so he backed out and met us later