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  1. aaron

    Your First Games

    the first game i 'remember' playing is donkey kong country.
  2. aaron

    Speed Runs

    that was not so much a speed run as it was a 'oh shit he's actually playing with the no-hud skull'. it was still pretty cool though.
  3. aaron

    Elder Scrolls V

    yeah... that map is pretty intense considering it's fictional. where did oblivion take place in reference to that map?
  4. aaron

    final fantasy 13

    well then, it's settled. i kind of ignored it because of how much FF8 sucked. yes i know what my avatar is.
  5. aaron

    News Reviews

    i'm actually really interested in how world tour is in comparison to other guitar heroes/rock bands. i really don't want to end up getting another exact replica of GH3 but with different songs. if mitch gets it for christmas then i'm pretty much obligated to get it because i'll be jealous...
  6. aaron

    final fantasy 13

    So I started playing FF12 again recently and it got me wondering what FF13 is going to be like. FF12 was by far a huge step up in gameplay over every game before it (aside from 11) in that it abandoned the primary reason i've heard people complain about the FF series and genre as a whole: slow...
  7. aaron

    My all time greatest video

    is that game actually pretty difficult or is it just him?
  8. aaron

    Do you believe in ghosts

    ghost hunters has got to be the most annoying show ever.
  9. aaron

    Useless Superpowers

    i stayed awake for 72 hours straight once. i think that qualifies as a super power.
  10. aaron

    You won a million! Topic Subject Edited! Great!

    pay debts buy house invest sleep a lot Although, if I actually had that kind of money get off my ass and goto school again.
  11. aaron

    Price is Right

    what the fuck
  12. aaron

    Will this break the forums? Maybe!

    it took me like 15 seconds to load this page. i personally think this is the greatest thing that's happened to these forums in a long time.
  13. aaron

    I'm going to die, again.

    I had similar experiences in the past. Initially what set it off was a very stressful situation, so I had thought it was just a panic attack. What really stood out to me was the dizzyness, tachycardia, and slurred speech. Turns out it was actually just a lack of sodium in my diet in...
  14. aaron

    Gates and Seinfeld

    i only saw like a split second version of the second one and i had no idea what was going on. pretty awesome. their approach on advertising is definitely more entertaining. the mac commercials remind me of the non-stop alltel commercials.
  15. aaron

    Every Guitar Solo David Gilmour Has Ever Done

    pretty much. they're great songs but i'm going to have to say there's a lot more talent elsewhere.
  16. aaron

    The Gears Of War and Related Cool Shit Thread

    has anyone actually played this game lately?
  17. aaron

    Q & A Reborn

    jr was definitely the most persistant fag of all time. why is it unscforce now?
  18. aaron

    Xbox 360 GET?

    gears of war just came out with a couple new maps. they also changed the melee range to something more reasonable. you can't really swing at air and frag tag someone anymore. they might have done other stuff but no one seems to know much.
  19. aaron

    Xbox 360 GET?

    same. gears of war is pretty sweet. it has some glitches and cheesy weapons that need fixing, but that doesn't keep my from playing it on a regular basis. get dead rising. it's not online, but it's really fun. i'm told saints row is good as well.
  20. aaron

    Game: Flyff

    link> "From the creation of your account Flyff features an assortment of characters. You create the look and feel of your character and send him/her off to battle in 5 different towns and 3 different islands. Flyff offers more than 80 quests and numerous different...