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Feb 7, 2007
Having played all three Fear games, I feel I should give a review of the newly released Fear 3. If you don't want to read all the text below, scroll down to the end for a final verdict.

When I first put in Fear 3, I kind of knew what I was in for. The way Fear 3 was presented before its release showed a more toned down horror game, unlike Fear 2. Main point: I expected to be doing more gunning down soldiers over walking through scary hallways. In a nut shell that's exactly what I got. Fear 3 is your basic run and gun shooter. If you've played the Fears you'd know that Fear 1 and Fear 2 are two completely different games. This comes from Fear 1 being made by developers Day 1 Studios. Fear 2 was handed off to a different (and better) developer named Monolith Productions. Day 1 Studio returned to make Fear 3, with some (supposed) collaboration with Monolith Productions. In a big picture, Fear 3 felt like a sequel to Fear 1 over Fear 2.

Now I want to talk about the game itself. Fear 3 holds nothing special over any other first person shooter to roll into stores. You hold the standard two weapon slots most shooters follow. You also get your standard frag, flash bang, and shock grenades. The Max Payne style slow down time is back. Pressing the Y button drains a meter that slows down time to let you aim more precise.

Your arsenal of guns are nothing to write home about either. The same pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle are there with a few laser guns and riot shields thrown in.

A flaw I found in the game was that your health was way to weak, even for an FPS. I felt like I couldn't go two seconds out of cover before I saw a bloody red screen to indicate my dieing. To keep myself from taking a permanent dirt nap, I had to use Fear's cover system. Basically you pressed the B button to enter or leave cover. You could peak out of cover with the left thumb stick or swap covers with the A button. I found all that to be outdated and unnecessary for a first person shooter today.

I've been told there was a story to this game, but I couldn't find it. The game is Co-op, but if you are not playing with a friend you'll be playing the game through as point man. Point man is the protagonist from Fear 1, and is your dry mute gun man ( like a certain S.A.S soldier we know). Once you complete a level you unlock the ability to replay it as Fettel. Fettel is point man's dead brother and the main antagonist of Fear 1. Fettel has the ability to posses enemies and shoot cosmic waves or something. However, he can't hold a gun on his own and must posses an enemy to do so. Anyway, the main objective is drawn out and should have been completed half way through the game. Another point is that near the end, Day 1 made it a point to shit all over Monolith's work. If you decide to play, it's at the end of the 7th mission.

On to missions, the game has 8 of them. The game as a whole is extremely short, but the missions are drown out. I don't know how they managed to do that, but they did. Each mission is the same and can be broken down into a system:
-First a cutscene.
-Second your put into the beginning with a pistol.
-Next is basic run and gun.
-A small bit of horror moments.
-A big room were you fight waves of enemies until they stop.
-More running and gunning.
-A final cutscene.
-Onto the next level.
This plays out into the final level. There is a final boss, but I think bosses in first person shooters are just plain stupid.

Multiplayer is just as awful as the single player. The matchmaking is bad and no one plays Fear 3. All their modes are rip offs of other games. It ripped off zombie mode from Black Ops in its "Contractions". It ripped off Left 4 Dead in its "Fucking Run" mode. I tried to play "Soul Survivor" but I couldn't get into a god damn match.

I'd have to say if you're thinking about playing the Fear games, play Fear 2. Don't play Fear 1 and stay the hell away from Fear 3. However, to give Fear 3 a rating, I'll just leave it at this...
Fear 3 is Doo Doo.
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Mar 12, 2011
Really Andrew is it that bad? arr well I was hoping it was going to be great.


Mar 9, 2011
i want to play this really bad. i mildly liked fear 1 but really liked fear 2. i just have a feeling this is not worth the full price tag right now. but thanks for the insight


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Nov 10, 2003
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