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  • Hey! So I'm new to the FC and was wondering how can I become part of the teams that raid and do dungeons regularly. Thanks for the help!
    Please I have a question
    How do you fix a problem of redirection for the gxboxlive.php
    thank for the answere
    Orr thanks Travis your a Hero, sorry about that, I found out the hard way.....your the man !!
    Travis can you reset my page layout to default settings please, I set my settings for the site to mobile style layout and it will not let me into profile settings now to change it back.
    Hi Travis what a nice site this is only joined today, been around the forums since 05 and its so friendly here, anyway Logan said if I need any help I was to ask him or you. Thanks man.
    I just seen your email today, sorry it took months to respond but I did.
    how do we fix the games on the leaderboard? posted in .org
    You are the man travis from vbul.org right? If so you are the man, so smart you are.
    So I got an e-mail notification from this place wishing me a happy birthday. I didn't have a clue how I got hooked up with this place until I came here and saw your name Travis. This place has changed alot since it was Zelda Glitches. Happy to see that you are still in the business. Take care man.
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