6/10/11: Podcast #2: E3 Edition!


Nov 10, 2003

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So E3 has come and gone and here we are to give our two cents about the whole shebang. Two cents is rather appropriate as this E3 extravaganza was limited to only Andrew and yours truly. It's a bit less rigid and freer with just us two, but I feel like it worked out ok.

As always, thanks for listening and any feedback below is appreciated.


Podcast #2 Notes:

-Overview (1:15)
-Halo A.C./Halo 4 (2:45)
-Kinect (5:53)
-Grades Before/After (9:34)

-Overview (12:29)
-Playstation 3D Display (13:18)
-Playstation Move (14:58)
-Grades Before/After (16:27)

-Overview (20:20)
-Wii U (20:48)
-Demos (25:49)
-Grades Before/After (28:28)

-Logan's Highlights (30:35)
-Andrew's Highlights (31:49)
-Andrew's Lowlights (35:55)
-Logan's Lowlights (39:08)

-What games coming out of E3 are you excited about? (41:59)
-What were every bodies thoughts on the MW3 footage? (44:28)
-What did you think of the more "hardcore" Kinect games? (45:03)
-What is one thing that Microsoft did right and one thing they did wrong during their conference? (46:17)
-What did everyone thing of the Battlefield 3 footage? (47:35)
-*Audio* What titles do we need to see on their shelf for the launch of the Wii U to convince us to purchase a Wii U at launch and not after a large first party game comes out? (49:07)
-Best and worse conference and why? (51:49)

Rapid Fire:
-Battlefield 3 vs MW3 (54:31)
-Overstrike (54:58)
-Tomb Raider (55:37)
-New Xbox Live Features (56:06)
-Kinect in games (56:33)
-Old Republic (57:01)
-******in's Creed: Revelations (57:35)
-PSN apology (58:15)
-Bioshock: Infinite (58:41)
-Twisted Metal (59:15)
-Hopes (at E3) met (59:53)

E3 Rating:
-Logan's Rating (1:00:29)
-Andrew's Rating (1:00:56)
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Dec 16, 2010
My thoughts:

Halo Anniversary...I plan on getting it cause Ive never played the first Halo
Halo 4... I need more info before I think about getting it
Kinect...I think that some of the stuff was cool but not enough to really make me dish out 150 bucks
Xbox conference grade: C+, I liked the Kinect items but it was too much. I Like the Tomb Raider demo. Too much time spent on MW3, No major bombshells

Sony conference:
3D gaming: I dont care about it, It doesnt really appeal to me at all
Move: It never looked good to me, Its one of those things that it came out at the wrong time and I dont know anyone who has it
Grade: C-, I like the Vita and I want to see more, besides that, there was nothing that impressed me

Nintendo Conference:
I liked the Zelda presentation
I love the Wooooooo
3DS: I like the games showcased and It makes me want to buy a 3DS but Im not in any hurry to get it
Wii U: It confused the **** out of me, I want to see more but I dont like how all they focused on is the controller and not the console. I agree with the pompous statement. The controller is not portable and you have to be within a certain distance to use the second screen. The fact that there was no demos...I believe it was a bad idea. One thing I dont like about Nintendo is that they never really show release dates. They always give months or seasons.
Grade: C, No demos, confusing Wii U reveal. The only thing I liked was the 3DS like up

High Point: Saints Row 3 gameplay demo that IGN had...Im a huge fan of the SR series so I liked that, Battlefield 3..I liked what they showed but I wish they showed more, and finally..Skyrim...it make me more excited than I already am

Low Point: Star Wars Kinect. Modern Warfare 3, I didnt like how they opened up the Xbox presser and it just looks bad IMO, No Arkham City co-op was a downer for me. Nintendo's habit of not giving exact release dates, and the Wii U confusion

Battlefield 3 vs MW3: Im a Battlefield 3 fanboy
Overstrike: It looks cool, I may get it
Tomb Raider: It looks cool, it looks darker which is good
Dashboard: Im excited bout YouTube
Kinect: I agree with yall
Star Wars The Old Republic: Im excited but I want to play it first and It may be pay to play
******in's Creed Revelations: Im excited but we need a new character
PSN: I agree with Logan
Bioshock Infinite: Im excited for it, but I want to see more
Twisted Metal: Ive been a fan of the franchise but Im not buying a PS3 for it
E3 conclusion: Hopes met? In the conferences...No, not at all....The demos that IGN and GameTrailers showed is what made E3 bearable
E3 grade: C/C-, It was alright at best. The pressers were not impressive at all. The demo's were nice (like M*** Effect 3, Skyrim, and Arkham City)

Great job on the audio levels, I could hear everyone clearly.
Thanks for using alot of my questions lol
It was a nice length
Great job on who all participated in it, you all spoke clearly and were detailed in your opinions
Nice one on SAB's part for his voice question
I cant wait for more, as for how much yall do, it doesnt matter to me


Vertical Bacon Sandwich
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Nov 10, 2003
Good stuff again guys! As for the frequency, I'd be up for listening to you guys every week, but realistically biweekly would probably be better and give you more to talk about each time.


Sweet Little Lies
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Jan 15, 2011
Very great podcast. Sounded tight and fluid. Sorry I couldn't be in this one.


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Sep 28, 2010
do you actually talk in the podcast or is it a retransmission of someone else?