Code Monsters


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Nov 10, 2003
I want to make a game for smartphones that is similar to a Monster Rancher or Pokemon type game. Raising, battling, trading monsters etc. The key difference would be that in this game, to acquire new monsters you scan QR codes or barcodes. Using these it would randomly generate a "codemon". QR codes would generate better codemons, while barcodes would be more basic ones.

When scanning said codes, you can change the scanner mode between CODEMON and ITEM modes. Codemon would be to generate new codemon monsters from the codes, while ITEM mode would be to generate items. When scanning in ITEM mode, QR codes would generate "Move Discs", which can be used to teach codemons new attacks and such, while barcodes would generate consumable items.

You would be limited to X number of scans per day, with the amount of scans rising as your overall "trainer" level increases.

Basically, it would make going grocery shopping like going to the safari zone in Pokemon.

After I had this idea, I was very surprised that I couldn't find any games that do something like this already.


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Nov 9, 2011
Omg you just became my friggin hero! I like Monster rancher so hard!!! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN