Game: Mass Effect 2


We'll bang, okay?
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Oct 7, 2006
Replayed ME 1 with my fiancee watching, and she said it's great and Garrus is the shit. So that confirms that I'm marrying the right woman and SHE AIN'T SEEN SHIT YET BECAUSE WE'RE ABOUT TO TACKLE ME 2


Nov 10, 2003
I remember the old days where I beat this game like 10 times. Nowadays I can't even beat a game once.


Yeah, that's right.
Nov 10, 2003
Remember how crappy ME1 ran on Xbox 360, easily 20 fps max. Then ME2 comes through and gets rid of the awful driving stages and is just 100% better in almost every way and runs smooth as butter. Then you fight a terminator.

All for EA to take over and ruin the series with an abysmal 3rd entry where the choices didn't matter.

ME1 9/10
ME2 10/10
ME3 before ending: 7/10
ME3 Ending: 0/10
ME3 DLC: 8/10
MEA: -100/10
ME4: ????


Nov 10, 2003
Objectively fine ratings. I'd argue that Mass Effect 1 in its remastered form is the best game. It encapsulates what they wanted, basically a new age Star Trek. Mass Effect 2 was a masterpiece, but the short sighted narrative killed 3. ME3 was amazing gameplay wise, but was frankly just a rushed mess.

Andromeda was just the corporate schlock we're fed every day from AAA titles. Look at the Witcher 3, 130 white men who liked a book series make a flawed masterpiece. All of them quit when you tell them that 350 lb blue haired tranny is their new narrative lead and you get Cyberpunk.

Like I said in the other thread, to make ME4 a proper 10/10 game, you need a really strong vision and team. I don't think they have either. I think they see a chance to turn my fatass upside down and shake 70 dollars from my pockets.