Game: Prey (360)


Nov 10, 2003
Prey is a lot like Doom and Quake 4.

A lot.

Uses the same engine and has the same "enemies appear through magical portals!" thing. The darkness isn't as annoying as in the other games, but its still pretty familiar. Here you are in a dark steel corridor fighting guys that glow orange. The game is creepy at times, but avoids the problem of Quake 4/Doom 3 by not trying to force it on you. It might take you by surprise, but it'll never try to hard to freak you out. The graphics look great and the walking on walls segments are kinda cool, although they make me kind of dizzy. The story seems a lot deeper than I expected. Beyond the whole "lol aliens invaded go kill em plz."

I haven't played the multiplayer yet and I hear it lags at times, but so far I'm pretty satisfied.

I recommend it.



Yeah, that's right.
Nov 10, 2003
Game was too short. I beat it in like 6 hours. :[


Some things didn't make sense:

That dumb bitch offers you immortality but you never actually die in the first fucking place.
She's immortal yet you kill her wtf?

lol I was hoping he'd turn evil in the end and take over the ship. That would have been a way better ending than the good ending shit. What point did he have going back to Earth anyways, all his friends and family were dead.

I give it 6/10 because I'm cynical.

Edit: The best part of the game was when the schoolbus started flashing and shit. Awesome.