The Saga of The Day Before


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Nov 10, 2003
So who's been keeping up with the drama? Last of Us meets The Division.

The idea of a high end zombie MMO is highly appealing, and interest was quickly established across online communities when this game was announced. This may have been one of the earliest (not sure if it was the first) trailers for it, a year ago:

Here's the new trailer from 3 weeks ago:

So, who thinks this game is really going to come out? Rumors are spreading that the entire thing is fake. I know Steam has removed it from their shop for the time being. Anyone have any opinions on this?


We'll bang, okay?
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Oct 7, 2006
Announced two years ago, which looked too good to be true at the time. Only have a few random trailers. Zero gameplay. It's always seemed way too ambitious to be real. Hell, most anything you see from it is just stolen pictures/clips from The Division.

And LOL at the newest delay. Trademark issue? You're having trademark issues over a game that was announced two years ago? They used this hype to gain attention for their other games and projects. Just one big marketing scam



Yeah, that's right.
Nov 10, 2003
Never heard of this game before this thread. Videos look good, seems like it could be good fun, shame its big time fake.


Nov 10, 2003
Reminds me of that game about being stuck somewhere after a mega earthquake that floated around for years and eventually was barfed out for like 20 dollary doos. Maybe this the same